Week 6 of the Crash Cash Diet

Week 6 Crash Cash Diet

It’s now been a month and a half into the Crash Cash Diet, and about a week since posting 10 things we’ve learned since we started the Cash Diet. We’ve still got the same budget of $60/week for groceries, $40/week for household expenses and $20/week/person for personal spending money.

I’m a tad embarrassed to admit that we did not do well this week. In fact, we went over our grocery budget by $27.55 this week, for a grand total of $87.55, which we took out of our household budget. Although I finally caved and bought our $16 rice that just does not seem to want to go on sale, there were tons of things we should have omitted to stay on budget:

  • Dried cranberries (which we use on salads), $4.29
  • Tosino (frozen Filipino pork), $2.97
  • Mushrooms (which we also use on salads), $3
  • Buttercup squash (which was on sale for 57¢/lb – this was our first time trying it, so I shouldn’t have bought two) $1.10
  • Butternut squash (I should have chosen a smaller one – the one I got was 4.76 lbs) $2.50
  • Yogurt (which was on sale for 2/$5, but I should have gotten 1 tub of the no-name brand for the same price) $2.50
  • Apple juice (juice is my weakness, but I need to learn to drink more water) $2
  • Milk (even though it was on sale for $3.99, I could have done without milk for one week) $3.99
  • Red potatoes (I didn’t realize until I had already paid that a 10lb bag of red potatoes was $3.99; I pad $3.61 for 3.65 lbs!)
  • Oranges (for a roasted chicken recipe, but I should have chosen a different recipe) $1.56
  • Green onions (also for the chicken recipe), $1.29
  • Limes, $1
  • Nectarines (on sale for $1.57/lb), $2.89

Had I not purchased any of the above, I would have saved $29.09, which would have been the first time in weeks that I didn’t max out our grocery budget.

We had also gotten a Costco rebate of $51.77 in the mail, which I spent on chicken breasts, salad, and a set of microfibre bedsheets. Since the chicken and salad were already covered, I really shouldn’t have even come close to maxing out our grocery budget.

In any case, we’ll just have to try harder next week.


Mrs. Unchained 55


  1. It shocks me to see how much these healthier and simpler food are costing you! I live in the UK and we have a greengrocers so my partner and I get the opportunity to pick the amount we need so nothing gets wasted and it’s very cheap.

    I wouldn’t beat yourselves up too badly though, this wasn’t lavish overspending. I’m interested to read more about your crash cash diet now too!

    • Hi Jenna,

      Yes, food has skyrocketed recently! Keep in mind these are in Canadian dollars, so maybe they’re on par with the pound? Part of the problem is that the Canadian dollar is so weak, so it’s definitely not helping the price paid for any American imports.

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