Week 10 of the Crash Cash Diet

week 10 of the crash cash diet

Can you believe it’s already been 10 weeks since we first started our Crash Cash Diet?

As a recap, we withdraw $140 every Friday, which is distributed as follows:

  • $60 for groceries for the week for me and Mr. Unchained
  • $40 for household spending
  • $20 each for personal spending

I had accumulated quite a bit of personal spending money – over $70 (which isn’t too bad in my opinion, given that I only get $20 a week!) but now I’m down to $32.40. The one thing about working contract jobs (other than them being able to end your contract at any time) is that they don’t really have to care about your well-being since they’ll never have to pay for your medical bills. They can stuff you in tiny, unergonomic desks that induce carpal tunnel without a worry that they might have to pay for you being on disability. Not cool, but when did big corporations ever really care about anything other than their bottom line? Sure, no one may ever openly admit to that, but when the permanent employees have big L-shaped desks and the contract workers (doing the exact same job) work in tiny pods that are so small, you have no room to rest your arms when typing, well… assumptions start getting made.

In any case, my wrists had been hurting increasingly so, and had gotten to the point where it didn’t stop hurting after work, so I finally went out and got myself a wrist brace. Cost a cool $30 + tax, which ate a big chunk of my personal allowance. It seems to be helping, but it was for the right hand only so hopefully my left doesn’t keep hurting – otherwise I’ll have to shell out another $30.

Most exciting of all, we were able to keep our grocery spending under budget, which is the first time in weeks that we’ve been able to spend less than $60! We spent $57.30, and I think the major reason why is that my local grocery store had chicken legs on sale for $1/pound. Meal planning for the week really helps ensure we buy enough of what we need for the entire week, and nothing more.

Below is our simple meal plan for this week:


Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs



Bread with peanut butter or Nutella

– OR –



Fettucine Alfredo

Salad with tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, dried cranberries, croutons, cheese, cucumbers, boiled egg

D Barramundi Mongolian Beef Mongolian Beef

with broccoli

Roasted Chicken Roasted Chicken Barramundi


Other items we purchased:

  • Yellow onions, since we were out
  • Broccoli, since it goes really well with Mongolian Beef (but was too tired to cook it for tonight’s dinner)
  • Grape tomatoes, since they were on sale and Mr. Unchained loves them with his salads
  • Hoisin sauce, which we needed for the Mongolian Beef recipe
  • Bananas, which we take to work each day
  • A box of baby spinach, which was on sale for $2.77. I love buying the boxes of pre-washed veggies – cuts prep time down by so much!
  • Roma tomatoes, which we add to salads and on the Barramundi
  • White mushrooms, which we add to the salads and the Mongolian Beef
  • 2 bags of croutons (so I shouldn’t need to buy any next week)
  • Eggs (which were expensive at No Frills at $2.97 but couldn’t be price matched as there weren’t any of the same brand on sale anywhere else)
  • Cheese, on sale for $1.97 each (for salads)
  • Heavy whipping cream – we had some in the fridge, but not enough to make the fettucine alfredo, and I didn’t want it to go bad

Anyone else have simple and cheap recipes that will help us stay under our grocery budget?

Mrs. Unchained 55

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