Week 1 Crash Cash Diet update

My last update on our Crash Cash Diet was back on Day 2 and we had been on track ever since.

Day 2 Balances:

Groceries: $20

My Personal Spending: $18

Household: $20.50

Last night, I went back to the grocery store to stock up on this marvelous little white fish imported from Australia, the Barramundi. My personal trainer brother and sister-in-law looked it up and it checks out – it’s pretty darn healthy. My brother’s only caution was that its mercury levels are on the higher side, so don’t eat it every day.

It was still on sale from $5.99 to $2.99 – a steal I just couldn’t pass up, especially given that Mr. U enjoyed the fish quite a bit the last time I made it, so I bought 5 more packages, leaving us with a balance of $5.05.


Day 6 Balances:

Groceries: $5.05

My Personal Spending: $18

Household: $20.50

We’re low on vegetables (i.e. other than salad, we have nothing left) so thankfully the budget resets tomorrow!

I was incredibly tempted to spend of my few personal bucks on some chocolate, but by the time I had gotten back to the line, it had grown so formidably that I just put it back. I suppose that’s one way to save money and calories…

Mrs. Unchained55

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