We are but inches away from Financial Stability

inches awayFor many months now, we’ve been in the unfortunate position of Financial Instability. On Friday, our roommate paid his rent about a week early, giving us enough to cover the rest of the bills for the month. On a silly oversight on my behalf, I updated our Financial Calendar to reflect the cash inflow on Friday, but forgot to remove the expected cash inflow on the actual rent due date, leading me to believe we had finally reached our goal of Financial Stability!

February 16

March 16

As a result of my error, I excitedly put the extra cash ($54.52) I thought we had in our checkings account towards our HELOC balance. Not an entirely foolish thing to do (at least it’s reducing our debt!) but it does delay us reaching our goal of Financial Stability.

HELOC Feb 14.png

However, unless we can come up with another $131.72, our expected date of Financial Stability is still Friday, March 4th… We are soooo close!


Mrs. Unchained55


  1. I like the term “financial stability” to describe the position when income covers all expenses as and when they fall due. It is indeed a step on the way to “financial independence”.
    I shall need to keep reading more of your articles. 🙂

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