Unchained 55 featured on Canadian Budget Binder!

How exciting – my first feature ever! A huge thanks to Mr. CBB at Canadian Budget Binder for not only featuring me, but for being extremely gracious and understanding. (I don’t even know how I messed this up, but I thought the day he said my feature would go live was the day he wanted my copy.)

Glitch aside, we are now live on his Saturday Weekend Review: The Dollar Store should be called The Dollars Store. It’s a pretty accurate look at how prices keep going up at Dollarama (my cotton pads are no longer $1!) – a lot of items have risen to even $2 and $3! Your dollars no longer go as far – if you walked in with a $20 bill, back in the day, you’d walk out with 20 items (not including tax). These days, you might only be walking out with maybe 6 – 10 items if they’re all priced at $2-3!

It’s also spot on about how even prices at thrift stores like Value Village are no longer even providing that value they used to claim! I’ve never been a thrift store shopper myself, but my aunt who was would always gripe about being taxed on used items, a point Mr. CBB points out as well.

It’s bad enough we are paying taxes again on products that have already been taxed and donated FREE now we are paying premium for used quality items.

– Canadian Budget Binder

Scroll down a bit to the Making a Difference (MAD) section and there you’ll find yours truly 😀

Happy Saturday everyone!

Mrs. Unchained 55

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