Think of Your Money In Terms of Hours Worked

Last week, DK Math & Stats posted on thinking of your money in terms of hours worked. I think this is a super helpful way of thinking to help curb spending, especially when it comes to bigger or splurge purchases.

My insatiable sushi cravings often cost us more than 1 hour (after tax), and closer to 3 if we do an All You Can Eat. That may not seem like much, but I can feed us both for 0.24 hours (or less) and take maybe 0.5 hours to cook. (Driving time to and from a restaurant would be the same or more than cook time.)

That can of paint cost us over 2.5 hours. Our dog’s bag of food costs 3.5 hours, yet I only made 6.7 hours’ worth of work selling two laptops.

Our combined personal spending money is about 2 hours of work per week – is that a reasonable amount given that when I finally start working again, I’ll only be working 35 hours a week and the Mr. works 37.5? Is 2.9 hours per week for groceries an appropriate amount?

Great food for thought!

Mrs. Unchained55

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  1. Great post. I think this is a good way to look at your discretionary spending. It really puts things into perspective

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