How pregnancy affects your finances

how pregnancy affects finances

Two weeks ago, we were on such a roll in getting our debt paid off. In the 5 weeks prior, we had paid off $8,293.87 of our debt ($4,183.96 had been our tax refund). We had gone from $14,777 at… Continue Reading

Net Worth Statement – April 30, 2016

april net worth statement

I’m so pleased with our progress this month! Our Net Worth for April is $506,607.53, an increase of $8,366.63 since the March Net Worth Statement ($498,303.90). This is an even bigger increase than what we achieved last month ($5,779.72). Related: Net… Continue Reading

7 ways to work overtime to maximize pay while avoiding burnout

7 ways to work overtime to maximize pay while avoiding burnout

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – working overtime is the most efficient use of your time. Generally, there are two ways of generating income: By trading your time for money By trading your money for a… Continue Reading

Oh hey there, 4-digit debt!

4 digit debt

You know that feeling when you’ve got a goal and achieving it becomes your bane of existence and you’re way ahead of target? Yup, that’s how I’m feeling right about now, and it’s a awesome feeling! Nothing short of I-can-conquer-the-world type stuff. All the overtime… Continue Reading

April 1, 2016 Progress Update and the $11,000 milestone!

HELOC - April 1

Today was such an epic day on so many fronts. It: Marked the end of my 56 hour work-week, which is nothing short of an achievement in my opinion given the Idiopathic Hypersomnia Was Pay Day, which is always an… Continue Reading

I lost over 6 pounds in just 2 days…

Weight loss

I’ll admit, I had a bad weekend. On Saturday, we went to see Batman Vs Superman. On the way to the theatre, I got so nauseated, I almost threw up. Apparently, ovulation sickness occurs for some women…?! In any case,… Continue Reading

Why Tunnel Vision isn’t always a bad thing

tunnel vision isn't always a bad thing

The importance of goal-setting You probably already know that setting goals, especially SMART ones, is incredibly important to achieving success. You also probably already know that writing your goals down increases your chances of success, and that sharing your goals with… Continue Reading

Struggling to keep up with the CSC but raking in the overtime!

Canadian Securities Course Progress

Yesterday, I vowed to myself I’d start spending my evenings devouring (or not) my Canadian Securities Course textbook. Today, I broke that vow. Already! Yes, I know. Since I’m carpooling with my brother to work this week, I was an… Continue Reading