Budgeting for the next two months and wedding gifts

Today, I learned that because I will now be employed directly by the company (as opposed to being employed through an agency), my pay days are now every other week, as opposed to every week. I really enjoyed being paid… Continue Reading

Inching our way towards Financial Stability

I know this might be an insignificant update for those of you with cash to spare, but I am please to report that we just sold an Ikea TV Bench for $120, and that I had received a Trupanion refund… Continue Reading

Desperately trying to stop the bleeding

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that we have had to borrow an additional $462.71 from our Home Equity Line of Credit to make this week’s mortgage payment of $1061.44.

Four types of Financial Planners, and how to choose the one that’s best for you

You’ve decided to make your finances a priority so you can meet your long term goals and to enlist the help of a professional Financial Planner to make those dreams turn into reality. If you don’t already know a reputable Financial Planner,… Continue Reading