How we paid off $16,000 of debt in 4 months

how we paid off $16,000 of debt in 4 months

How we accumulated $16,000 worth of debt There were two major components to our debt. The first, which was the major focus for us, was our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). We started off the year with a balance… Continue Reading

How pregnancy affects your finances

how pregnancy affects finances

Two weeks ago, we were on such a roll in getting our debt paid off. In the 5 weeks prior, we had paid off $8,293.87 of our debt ($4,183.96 had been our tax refund). We had gone from $14,777 at… Continue Reading

How much do I need to save before going on maternity leave?

how much do I need to save before going on Maternity Leave?

We’ve been trying to conceive for about 6 months now so it’s getting more and more challenging to stay positive with every month that goes by. In an attempt to look on the “brighter” side, I wrote about 8 “positives”… Continue Reading

Week 10 of the Crash Cash Diet

week 10 of the crash cash diet

Can you believe it’s already been 10 weeks since we first started our Crash Cash Diet? As a recap, we withdraw $140 every Friday, which is distributed as follows: $60 for groceries for the week for me and Mr. Unchained… Continue Reading

Early Pay Day and the $12,000 milestone!

early pay day

Pay Day came early this week in the Unchained household – thanks to Good Friday, Mr. Unchained’s Pay Day got pulled up from Friday to today! And as the incredibly juicy cherry on top, his paycheck was $600 higher than I had… Continue Reading

10 Observations since the Crash Cash Diet (plus a terrifying look at how much we’ve spent in the last 2 years)

10 observations since the crash cash diet

We’ve completed the first 4 weeks of our Crash Cash Diet, and in that month, we’ve observed a lot of interesting things. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy. Continue Reading