February 10, 2016 Progress Update

Tonight, I managed to get to the bank before it closed to exchange the $251 US my husband had found yesterday. I probably shouldn’t have calculated the exchange ahead of time because I didn’t factor in their commission rates, so… Continue Reading

Inching our way towards Financial Stability

I know this might be an insignificant update for those of you with cash to spare, but I am please to report that we just sold an Ikea TV Bench for $120, and that I had received a Trupanion refund… Continue Reading

An affordable Friday night date/project

As I mentioned in my Week 2 of the Crash Cash Diet post, we spent all $55.80 of our Household budget, as well as some of our own Personal Spending Money on a little spontaneous project. Friday night, we decided… Continue Reading

Save, Splurge or Skip: Dyson V6 Animal Stick Vacuum

Investment ≠ Buying Stuff Myn recently wrote a great post on the myth of investing through buying stuff and I couldn’t agree more. I follow a few rich girls on Instagram because I want to see pictures of their homes for decor… Continue Reading