Reaching the next milestone – debt now under $13,000!

Once again, it’s Pay Day Friday, and although I’m not feeling the best, I still had to update our finances. Thanks to all the overtime both Mr. Unchained and I have been able to work, our paychecks have been higher than normal, accelerating the pace at which we’ve been able to pay off our debt.

Today was no different, and although Mr. Unchained’s paycheck wasn’t significantly larger, the extra $140 went straight to debt reduction. I was surprised to see an additional $43.01 tacked on to our balance this morning, as yesterday I had planned to pay $610 towards our balance to pass the $13,000 mark, but with the added interest, I had to increase the payment to $650.

HELOC - March 11

The rest of the month looks pretty strong – we’ve stashed away enough cash for the upcoming bills, except:

  • Car/Home Insurance – This will be coming out of our Visa, but will be the first month at this rate. I had written down what the premiums would be but stupidly threw out the paper by accident, so I no longer remember the exact amount.
  • $140 cash withdrawal for the next two Fridays for our Cash Diet
  • The remaining balance to be saved for our Visa bill ($269.42)
  • Engagement gift, which I think will be around $100
  • Last mortgage payment of the month at $1061.44 (we’ve had 3 this month!!!)
  • Banking fees of $20.26

March Calendar

We still have two more paychecks for the month, so I think we’ll continue to see great progress for the remainder of the month. We started off with a HELOC balance of $14,777.04 and are now down to $12,999.50 so we’ve managed to pay down $1,777.47 of principal over the last 3 weeks. Of course, I don’t think we’ll be able to maintain that momentum since a large chunk of that was due to my overtime and holiday pay, but my husband has been talking to the ex-roomie and thinks that it isn’t a matter of if but when he wants to move back in. That will add another $570 to our passive income stream with minimal additional expenses. We’re also 12.3% ($1,423.32) away from 100% – the point at which we started our debt repayment last year. It sucks that it feels like we made decent strides last year just to add 27.6% to our original balance this year but I don’t regret going on our 1 month Asia tour. Yes, we could have done things a little more frugally, but it definitely was a trip of a lifetime!

Also, next month will be the last payment of $73.69 I’ll have to pay for our Dyson Animal Stick Vac, so I’m looking forward to one less expense!

Although I took an unpaid sick day today (:(!!!! That’s $185.50 less next paycheck!!!), I’m very grateful that Mr. Unchained will be able to pick up 10.5 hours of overtime tomorrow!

Mrs. Unchained 55


  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m hooked! It’s really inspiring 🙂 I can’t wait to read all your posts!!

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