Our dining room – Before & after

As I mentioned last week, we ran out of paint before finishing our living/dining room, which was such a shame because the paint was actually leftover from our bedroom and had we been able to use just the leftover paint, we could have done our paint job with less than $60. It also meant waiting until this week before our allowances reset and were able to buy another can of paint.


As promised, here are the before and after photos of our dining room!



There’s still a long way to go before our dining room is complete (wish list includes a rustic solid wood dining table, new dining chairs and a dining bench, a large mirror over the buffet table, likely a new buffet to match the dining table, and new flooring…) but it’s incredible what a difference a can or two of paint can make!

Mrs. Unchained55


  1. Beautiful dining room! I love the large windows letting in loads of natural light, even if your view appears to be a very nearby brick wall! And I applaud your resolve to hold off on purchasing more paint until your next round of budgeted money came along…that would’ve driven me insane. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, it is the neighbour’s brick wall… I should probably get some nice drapery in the future. And yes, it was hard to wait an entire week to finish it off (my husband wanted to withdraw the money first but I stood firm!) but thankfully the patch was behind the couch so I didn’t have to see it for the whole week!

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