Net Worth Statement – June 30, 2016

net worth statement - June 30, 2016

Yikes, it looks like my Net Worth Statements are coming out later and later as the months go by! This last weekend has been exceptionally busy – despite it being a long weekend, it felt shorter than other “short” weekends. Over the 3 days, we managed to cram in one wedding, one birthday lunch, one (very, very long) dentist appointment, one visit to the brother-in-law and one visit to the aunts to tell them in person that we’re expecting! (Side note: make sure you visit your dentist regularly! I didn’t realize it had been 3 years since my last visit and I was aghast to learn I had a small cavity ūüôĀ …)

Spending in June

June hasn’t been an exceptionally expensive month by any means. Since we paid off our Home Equity Line of Credit back on June 11th, we’ve finally started up our Baby Fund! We’ve had a slow start and if I’m honest, it’s partially due to these food aversions and cravings I’m having. I’ve been craving juicy meats (i.e. medium rare steak? YES PLEASE!!!) but of course, that’s one of the forbidden fruits. I’ve been appeasing myself with Persian kabobs instead, but they set us back about $15 per person per meal. Yikes! I also rarely feel like eating anything we have at home so it may just be a matter of forcing myself to eat them now that we’re into the second trimester.

June Net Worth

Accordingly, I wasn’t too surprised to see that our Net Worth hadn’t increased significantly since May. We saw an increase of 0.83% from $515,024.17 to $519,309.46 which works out to be a measly $4,285.29. This is about half the increase we’ve seen over the last two months.

Net Worth - June 2016

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Income-Generating Portfolio

Last month, our income-generating portfolios were worth¬†$58,459.06¬†and produced an income of¬†$19.71.¬†Near the end of this¬†month,¬†they had dropped again to $57,157.91¬†yet had produced a passive income of $20.79! (As of today, they’re back up to $58,191.01 though.) Although the portfolio isn’t growing as steadily as I would have liked (obviously), I’m very pleased to see that the income has increased by 5.48% this month.

Baby Fund

This month, we have a new addition to our Balance Sheet – a blue line for our Baby Fund! Since our goal is similar to what we were trying to pay off on our HELOC (pay off¬†$14,777.05, save¬† $14,051.52), I’ve placed it on the same axis as our HELOC debt (on the right). (Side note: anyone have any idea what that secondary axis would be called?)

Balance Sheet - July 6

As of today, we’re just shy of our first $1,000. We’re sitting at $998.52, so we’ve still got a long way to go. Over the next 26 weeks, that means we’ll need to be saving $502.04/week. I’ve been tracking how much we need to save per week (check out our progress on my 2016 Goals page) so I know we haven’t been saving enough. Last week, we were down to $488.40¬†–¬†we’re really going to need to try to bring that number down with higher contributions! Realistically, I know it’ll be a challenge since¬†we’ll slowly start buying baby things as they make sense (e.g. when we find a really good deal!) but I know my calculations were also quite conservative. I estimated $1,000 of extra expenses between baby and misc. expenses per month over what we’re currently paying so I’m not overly worried … yet!

Mrs. Unchained 55


    • Thank you very much!! I presume our net worth will take a beating once I go on maternity leave in January but I’m sure the pros will far outweigh the financial cons!

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