I lost over 6 pounds in just 2 days…

Weight loss

I’ll admit, I had a bad weekend. On Saturday, we went to see Batman Vs Superman. On the way to the theatre, I got so nauseated, I almost threw up. Apparently, ovulation sickness occurs for some women…?! In any case, I told my husband to grab me some sour candies along with a bag of Air Heads. When we got to the theatre, I threw frugal logic out the window and also got a bag of popcorn. (I just can’t resist hot buttered popcorn with the dill pickle topping!) Then, our friend bought a combo but decided he didn’t want the candy that came with it, so I also got his bag of Maltesers. Told you it was a bad weekend…

I hadn’t weighed myself in quite awhile, but when I stepped on the scale Monday morning, my eyes popped out. It was the heaviest I’d ever been.

Now, I’m not a big girl or anything, but just a few pounds will make all the difference between my clothes fitting and not fitting. And when you’re trying to maintain both a minimalist wardrobe and a tight budget, clothes not fitting really isn’t an option.

I knew my work pants had been getting uncomfortably tight, but on Monday, they no longer fit. So I threw on a stretchy dress and headed to work for my 11.5 hour shift.

I’ve been off Modafinil (my medication for my sleep disorder, Idiopathic Hypersomnia) for several months now as we’ve been trying to conceive as I knew that it’d be harder to quit cold turkey if and when I (finally) get a positive test. One of the known side effects of Modafinil is a decrease in appetite, so I’m pretty sure that my weight gain over the last few months was attributed to the return of my (ravenous) appetite.

But with my minimalist wardrobe only containing 3 stretchy work dresses, I knew I only had 3 days to drop some weight so I could at least squeeze myself into my dress pants by Thursday.

I worked 11.5 hour shifts both Monday and Tuesday, and although I have been really good about avoiding Modafinil (I took the occasional pill if I just couldn’t make it through work, but most weeks, I got by without taking any), I needed 2 pills for both Monday and Tuesday. I couldn’t make it through the long work days without them, especially since I’ve been extra fatigued the last few weeks. Until recently, I’d been able to force myself to stay awake until bedtime, but the last couple of weeks, I’ve needed to nap every day after work.

This morning, I was surprised to see that I’d dropped 6.2 pounds since Monday morning. I’m guessing it’s mostly because I’ve been taking my Modafinil, but partially because working these long shifts (made possible only by the Modafinil, of course) has prevented me from taking a nap (and you burn more calories awake than asleep). Plus, by the time I get home, I’m so tired, I just want a small dinner and to veg out on the couch and just watch TV. (I know. I’m SO behind on my Canadian Securities Course…) Perhaps the other contributing factor is that I’ve been writing my weight down in my daytimer since Monday. Yesterday, when my husband offered me seconds, I turned it down even though I wasn’t full yet. This is definitely not characteristic of me. Perhaps having my weight written down subconsciously influenced my decision to turn down seconds – much like how having solid written goals drastically improves your chances of actually meeting them.

Has anyone else experienced drastic weight loss with Modafinil? Or weight gain after quitting Modafinil?




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