Inching our way towards Financial Stability

inchwormI know this might be an insignificant update for those of you with cash to spare, but I am please to report that we just sold an Ikea TV Bench for $120, and that I had received a Trupanion refund after cancelling our pet insurance for $65.50.

Based on that, it looks like we might be able to reach our goal of Financial Stability by Friday, March 4 – 27 days ahead of our goal.

Of course, any tiny unplanned expense will throw a wrench in our plan … but anything else I manage to sell will pull that date even further ahead. I’ve still got 21 active ads on Kijiji and a few more things around the house that I could post. My husband’s also made plans to sell some of the fish tanks we’ve got lying around. Keep your fingers crossed!

Mrs. Unchained55


  1. keep going. you are right we cannot know the future and thus the
    unexpected expenses along the way, bu it is all about doing our best and eventually you will reach that stability. no worries

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