Going backwards to move forwards

unchainedEver feel like you’re finally starting to move in the right direction, only to realize you’re moving backwards? That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now. I know proponents of the “buy and hold” strategy always say not to check your accounts every day because the daily fluctuations can be enough to make scare even the strongest of us into rash decisions.

But sometimes, moving forwards requires taking a few steps backwards first. It’s just hard seeing the numbers go south when you’re finally putting in the effort.

Yesterday, I sold the Mr’s company shares to improve our cash flow, so obviously his assets decreased (the proceeds are now sitting in our savings account, to be used for that upcoming gigantic Visa bill, so technically, this should have had a net zero effect on our overall assets). Looks like our mutual funds took a little dip also, explaining the decrease in assets.

Meanwhile, recent purchases have increased our Visa balance, increasing our Liabilities, thus resulting in a decrease in our overall Net Worth. Okay, it’s not a huge amount by any stretch (i.e. $100.98), but disheartening nonetheless. (P.S. I am SO not dramatic…)

Sept 5, 2015

On the bright side, it looks like selling the Mr’s shares may just be enough to get us through the month without having to dip further into the HELOC, which would not only mean achieving Goal #2 but also being about a month ahead of schedule!

Mrs. Unchained55

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