Finally paying off our debt – Feb 26 Progress Update

2016 Pay Day # 9

Even though my body’s been feeling exhausted, I bounced out of bed this morning. It was, after all, Friday morning, which meant Pay Day in the Unchained household. 🙂 Most importantly, however, this was going to be the paycheck we could finally started paying down our debt.

This is our most important goal of the year – pay off our Home Equity Line of Credit balance of $14,777.04 by the end of the year. Before this morning, we had a balance of $14,644.60, and although we couldn’t afford to pay off very much today, it’s now down to $14,395.28.

Home Equity Line of Credit Balance - Feb 26, 2016

With a current balance of $14,395.28 and 43 weeks (i.e. pay days) left to go in the year, we’re going to need to pay off $334.77 per week (not including interest accrued). Based on our current cash flows, it seems a lot more feasible than I had originally thought, especially with the ex-roomie still considering moving back in on a short-term basis next month.

For readers new to our journey, the 100% mark was the HELOC balance at which we first started our 2015 goal to pay off our debt ($11,576.25). We had gotten it down to 75% ($8,679.37), but then had to borrow quite a bit to finance two weddings (not ours, of course) in the last 2 months of the year, plus our 1 month trip to Asia. Our trip to Asia also meant I wasn’t working for 2 months, which was a huge hit to our financial situation. We’ve since put ourselves on a strict Crash Cash Diet which has been incredibly effective in curbing our spending as we focus all our efforts on paying off our debt.

I’ve been playing around with themes for the last couple of days trying to find one that was similar to my previous one one Of course, I’ve had no such luck, so I’ve been quite frustrated in that aspect. I’m really missing the slider I had for sticky posts – it was a great way to keep our Goals front and centre! Hopefully you’ll have more patience with me than I do and stick around as I tinker around trying to find the perfect theme!

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