Day 1 of work in 2016

Startup Stock PhotosAfter 4 weeks of vacation and 3 and a half weeks of thumb twiddling, I finally went back to work today. Of course, despite having had 3.5 weeks to prepare for my return, none of my system IDs were actually set up and ready to go yet, so I just sat beside a guy doing emails. All. Day. Long. And of course, my IDs aren’t estimated to be done until Thursday at the earliest, so that’s what I have to look forward to for the rest of the week.

Ah well, can’t complain much, can I? Getting paid to not do any work! 🙂 Plus I’m finally working towards actually paying off our debt, and although I won’t get paid until next Friday, it’s a great feeling knowing I will get paid (finally!)

I thought about my CSC course on and off all day and how I would have much rather spent my day reading through the textbooks, but alas, today is Chinese New Year, and we had a family feast, which, although always epic, also always leave me absolutely exhausted.

Guess I’ll have to leave the Canadian Securities Course until tomorrow!

Mrs. Unchained55

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