Converting clutter into cash

clutterIt’s no secret that we’re in a pretty dire situation financially. And me not having started work yet is just exacerbating the situation, because now our monthly expenses for February ($7,065.18) far outweigh our projected income ($3,760). This means I will be $3,305.18 short this month, adding to our Line of Credit balance of $14,206.19.

This throws us back into the Financial Instability stage – not a great place to be.

So with all my extra time, I’ve been going around the house and finding things I could possibly make some cash from. Obviously, it won’t be enough to cover our shortfall for the month ($3,305.18 worth of stuff) but it will definitely help. Plus, not only will it help financially, but it will help us declutter the house. We have an unfinished basement, which tends to attract stuff faster than a light attracts flies.

I currently have 12 active ads on Kijiji, after I just made my first sale this week! It’s not much, but the $40 I got from selling a broken laptop sure does feel good!

Mrs. Unchained55

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