Changing our financial priorities – we’re having a baby!!!

changing financial priorities - we're having a baby!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might’ve seen that on Friday morning, I had a bit of a shock. Although I was convinced testing would be a waste, I figured I’d do it anyway so I could rest assured I was safe to eat sushi for our Mother’s Day celebration next weekend. I had just started reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” so we could try again next month and had just started personal training because I just kept gaining weight (which I had chalked up to being off of Modafinil and having an appetite return with a vengeance.) We’d been trying for 6 months already and I was convinced something was wrong (although in reality, that’s apparently an average time to conceive.)

Not even fully awake, I was confused when the dye started to gather at not one but TWO places on the home pregnancy test I’d purchased online a few months ago. I couldn’t believe it! I’d seen 18 other negative tests already and I knew this looked very different.

I threw open the shower door and exclaimed to my husband, “Honey, I’m pregnant!” (He tried to kiss me with toothpaste still in his mouth.) Then he said “Are you sure? Take another one!” Thankfully, I had one last test left, so I retested and got the same result.


We left work early because I wasn’t really feeling that well (or maybe it was all in my head) and we stopped at Walmart to pick up some digital tests, just to confirm. Thankfully, they confirmed the same thing: I’m pregnant! Not surprisingly, the Clearblue digital test with the conception indicator confirmed that I was 2-3 weeks post-conception.

BFP with Clearblue

I have a doctor’s appointment next week Wednesday (at which point I had actually planned to mention our difficulty conceiving!) which will make it “official” in my mind.

So how will this change our finances?

#1.  We’re probably going to need to expand our budget a bit – more specifically, our grocery budget!

Although I know I’m not supposed to really gain much weight yet, I do think it’s important to eat healthy and balanced meals. According to my personal trainer, our meals are already pretty healthy but I do want to ensure I’m getting enough dairy (mostly via yogurt, which I haven’t bought regularly since it doesn’t often fit into our budget.) This afternoon, our trip to the grocery store cost just shy of $80 (vs. our previous weekly budget of $60) and I think that will become the norm. We also bought more fruits and juice to increase our fruit and veg intake (and because I really really love juice.)

#2. My closet isn’t going to be as minimalist anymore. 

Although some of my stretchier clothes still fit, I was really struggling to fit into my work clothes which had prompted me to start working out in the first place.

muffin top

Although I really don’t want to buy maternity clothes (it seems like such a waste to purchase clothes you can only wear for less than 9 months!) I will need clothes that fit. Yesterday, we went to the mall and I purchased a few stretchy dresses from Old Navy which are so comfortably stretchy, I know I won’t have any problem fitting in them right up to 9 months. I’d probably just have to throw on a cardigan and some leggings underneath when it gets colder. I lucked out because they were on sale yesterday for $17 each – today, they’re back up to $34.94! They’re 95% rayon and 5% spandex – this right here is the winning combination for stretchy clothes ladies!


Old Navy Maxi Tank Dress

Old Navy Maxi Tank Dress

Old Navy Maxi Tank Dress

Old Navy Maxi Tank Dress

#3. We still need to pay off our debt. Thankfully, we’re not that far away! We’re currently at $2,594.23 and although I won’t be doing much/any overtime going forward, we’re so close to being debt free! I anticipate us being debt free by early June. Granted, we’d be a little closer had we not spent extra on the dresses or a celebratory (home-cooked) dinner on Friday evening ($60 that fed six!) or the concealer I so desperately need (thank you, hormonal breakouts) but I really don’t regret spending any of it!

HELOC - May 8

#4. We have 7 months to fill up our Baby Fund!

Starting from June (since we won’t be debt free until then) until December (because I doubt I’d be working past December), we’ll have 7 months to save the amount I had previously calculated in my previous post on how much I needed to save before going on Maternity Leave, which was $14,051.52. That works out to be $2,007.36/month, which is ~$500/week. It sounds like a hefty amount, but we’ve also managed to pay off over $15,000 of debt in five months (from the time I started working in February until our anticipated Debt Free Date in June.) Yes, we got a nice tax refund in there, but we also have additional rental income now at $570/month which will certainly help!

#5. We will be asking the roommates to move out before the Baby comes.

For the first time in almost 5 years, we’ll have the house to ourselves! Because of the timing, we’ll probably be asking that the roommates move out by November 30th – I’m sure they don’t want to be moving during the Christmas/holidays/New Year’s season and I don’t want to leave it too close to my due date either. That means only 7 more months of roommates and rental income :O We plan to let them know at the end of the first trimester to give them ample notice.

#6. We’re probably not going to save very much for anything other than our Baby Fund.

Just earlier this week, I was talking about what we’d be doing after finally paying off our debt, which included plans of repaying our Home Buyers’ Program  and contributing to our RRSPs and our TFSAs. However, realistically, we’re probably only going to stuff our Baby Fund as full as we can and likely not have much left over for anything else. We’ll probably need to buy some new things before Baby arrives (baby-related stuff and some new furniture since our old hand-me-downs are falling apart) and we’ll need to think about whether we want a second car. If we do, we’ll probably want a cheaper older car but will have to factor in maintenance and car insurance in our monthly expenses.

How did your priorities, financial and otherwise, change when you found out you were expecting?

Mrs. Unchained 55


  1. Congrats, so happy for you guys!!!! So exciting. Your plan sounds great. Good idea to have the house to yourselves. Great you can fund the maternity fund, at this point in time that is the only thing that matters, there is plenty of time for the other things later. Congrats again.

    • You’re so right! We’ll have time to max out our retirement and tax free accounts later, although I do hope to still be able to contribute a little to RRSPs to 1) take advantage of the power of compounding 2) reduce taxable income/get a tax refund!

  2. Congrats !!!

    It change everything in a budget. When you can go for some used stuff for the baby go foe it. That saved us a lot of money on things that will be used for couple months like a vibrating chair. A baby need so much stuff and want you think you have everything, there’s always something that you didn’t tought.

    But at the end, it’s so fun to have a baby, it bring a lot of special moments.
    The financial tech recently posted…Have you tought about everything before buying your first house ?My Profile

    • Yes, I’m hoping for lots of hand-me-downs between now and then! We have quite a few nieces and nephews so with any luck, it will minimize how much we need to buy by a bit 🙂

  3. Congratulations – huge news! It sounds like you our in great place financially, and have really planned well. When my wife and I and our son, we did find the need to have a second car. We only had one car for the first seven years we were married, and I often took public transportation to work. When our little guy came along the rhythm of our schedule changed and we bought a second car.

    • Thank you very much! Financially, I don’t feel like we’re technically in a great place … yet! But as soon as we get out of debt, we can start saving and I’m pumped for that! I know eventually we’ll need a second vehicle but we’ve been able to hold off on one for so long because we live a few houses down from my parents, my brother and his wife (for now… not sure if they’ll move in the near future) and my grandparents. Between us all, we have 5 cars and other than church, doctors’ appointments and groceries, my grandparents hardly go out so we can do a bit of a car-sharing thing. I don’t know if I’m going to like switching car seats every time I want to go out though!

  4. Woohoo! Congratulations! Such an exciting time, enjoy it, and it’s so smart that you’re already having a budget in place for the new addition. Keep up the good work!

    • Yes!!! Very exciting but also a bit nerve-wracking! I can’t wait until the first trimester’s done and it becomes “safe” to start announcing it to people! I’m relatively confident the budget we have in place has enough leeway for baby and all other unexpected costs so hopefully we don’t find ourselves running out of money during mat leave!

  5. Congratulations! I would suggest figuring out what your mat leave & parental leave government benefits will be. When the time is right, talk to your employer and see if they have a top-up program in place and if you can keep any existing extended health insurance or other benefits while on leave. It can make a huge difference in your budget too.

  6. Congratulations!! Very exciting times. I found a great way to not have to buy maternity clothes was to buy “bump bands” (that’s what they are called in the UK). Essentially they look like boob tubes and they fit around your hips and tummy to allow you to have your normal skirt or trousers unbuttoned and still hold them up! I practically live in them now 🙂

    • Thank you very much!!! And thanks for the bump bands tip! I’m gaining weight all over so even the thighs don’t fit well in my pants (already!) but that may be a lifesaver when it comes to skirts! I’ll have to check into them soon.

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