Week 10 of the Crash Cash Diet

week 10 of the crash cash diet

Can you believe it’s already been 10 weeks since we first started our Crash Cash Diet? As a recap, we withdraw $140 every Friday, which is distributed as follows: $60 for groceries for the week for me and Mr. Unchained… Continue Reading

10 Observations since the Crash Cash Diet (plus a terrifying look at how much we’ve spent in the last 2 years)

10 observations since the crash cash diet

We’ve completed the first 4 weeks of our Crash Cash Diet, and in that month, we’ve observed a lot of interesting things. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy. Continue Reading

Budgeting for the next two months and wedding gifts

Today, I learned that because I will now be employed directly by the company (as opposed to being employed through an agency), my pay days are now every other week, as opposed to every week. I really enjoyed being paid… Continue Reading

How the Crash Cash Diet almost failed on Day 2

Yesterday, I recapped Day 1 of our Crash Cash Diet and concluded it was a success since I had money leftover in both grocery and household expenses categories and hadn’t touched my $20 of personal spending money. This morning, I fell… Continue Reading